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There Are Few Products Where You Are Spoilt Rotten For Choice

In the year 2014 The Oxford English Dictionary announced their new word of the year was vape. To vape didn’t even exist just a decade earlier, and now it’s a multi-billion-dollar business and growing.


The vaping business was invented by a Chinaman, a country where at least half the total male population smoke cigarettes. That’s about three hundred million.


Just ten years after the invention of the vape pen, that Chinaman sold the patent for seventy-million dollars. The biggest investors in vaping are the big tobacco conglomerates and this makes many observers believe that the writing is on the wall for tobacco.



With vape shops popping up on the high street at an average rate of two a week, this is in direct contrast with other types of shops closing. If you enter into your search engine the words along the line of find a vape shop, there will probably be one within walking distance.


As of last February, there were over two thousand of these shops in the UK. And although anyone can buy vape products online, studies show that these shops are usually very supportive of vape customers that find giving up tobacco cigarettes difficult to handle.


As this is such a booming business, as soon as statistics are published they’ve changed. For example, according to a news item two years ago, it was thought there were five hundred juice manufacturers.


There were also an estimated seven thousand flavoured juices made collectively by those manufacturers. Today that figure is thought to be nearer ten thousand and there are many more manufacturers in the business.


With so many choices, it’s obviously a good idea if you are thinking of quitting tobacco and taking up vaping, to visit your local store.


There are different levels of nicotine and starting with the highest that will give the same kick as your cigarette, many people find that over time they can reduce the amount perhaps all the way to zero.